Meet the Owner

Steve Moses


Steve Moses has been working professionally in technology for 16 years as a hands-on coder, a database designer, a team leader, a salesman, as well as a mentor for a entry level developers. He took his first paid software design job in 2001 while a Sophomore at UC Berkeley. By 2005 he was running 3 average sized websites including a social media site he’d designed that allowed thousands of nontechnical people to quickly set up home pages and connect to each other. In 2006, Steve Moses started Redux Technologies. In 2007 with the help of around 300 private investors, he led Redux Technologies in purchasing 50 server computers, assembled a 5 person team of graphic designers, programmers, and customer liaisons, and began doing custom work for regular clients. In 2009 he traveled to Shanghai, China, where he spent 5 years living & working as a teacher and an app developer. In 2013 Steve Moses got married & moved to Ohio, USA to be close to his grandparents. In 2014, he was hired by a film studio to design and support on-set robotics and help maintain scientific accuracy for a sci-fi movie. Early in development when the planned head writer unexpectedly backed out, Steve Moses stepped in as the head script writer and led the writing team in writing the script for Rotor Dr1 and working together with the director on-set for last minute adjustments. As of 2018 Steve Moses has taught over 900 students through and is the #1 ranked tutor for programming and computer science in terms of hours and star ranking. Steve Moses is currently seeking to rebrand Redux Technologies as a source of learning and guidance for developers and companies. His core focus is one-on-one learning and instructional videos designed for school students of all ages, industry professionals, hobbyists, and anyone wishing to expand their knowledge base or embark upon a new project.