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Welcome to Redux Technologies (RDX)!

  “Hey Steven, thank you millions and trillions again and again. I have been living with this weight on my shoulders since the last 2.5 months, feeling extremely helpless and frustrated. Feeling much lighter after talking to you. Thanks for listening to me, understanding my needs and solving 2 of my major problems in just an hour and making me feel like I can understand the code and make the necessary changes. I am feeling very lucky to have found you. I now wish I came to you earlier, would have saved me lots of misery. Please let me know if/when you are available on Monday. Thanks a lot!”
 ~Melisa A, Illinois

How Can Redux Technologies Help Me?

We provide one-on-one instruction for anyone wanting to learn, including but not limited to:

  • College Students
  • Industry Professionals
  • Entry & Mid Level Programmers
  • Elementary School Children
  • Retired Hobbyists
  • People Wanting to Branch Out
  • Managers Wanting to Learn Basics
  • Recruiters
  • Curious Minds

We work with all variety of students. For children under 12 I advise Scratch, which like LOGO allows beginners to write simple games without needing to type or learn syntax. Otherwise, the choice of programming language depends on interests and goals. We also work with entry-level and mid-level developers, as well as database designers. Our strongest areas of proficiency are PHP and SQL.
Additionally, since many design teams include people from all over the world, we ALSO provide TEFL certified ESL instruction to both technical and nontechnical people!

Why Choose Redux Technologies?

  • Short Notice Appointments
  • 15 Years Experience
  • Wide Variety of Competency

We work in virtually every major programming language.

Learn More About Programming

There are many different types of program, and as such, there are many different programming languages.
Web pages are typically composed of 3 parts: The “front end”, which faces the customer and is usually HTML & CSS, the “back end”, which is usually PHP on a Linux server or C# on a Microsoft server, and the “database”, which is usually a version of SQL appropriate to the server. Additionally, for enhanced interactivity, a scripting language like JavaScript can be used to move things, hide things, and change menu options as the user types or clicks. There are many other languages, but the above will cover 99% of web pages.
iOS/Android Apps are usually written in Objective-C, C++, Java, or some combination of the above. In fact, these languages play very nicely together and it’s often possible to mix elements of each in a single app.
Mac/PC Programs are usually written in C or C++, or Java.
Excel Scripts are written in VBA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I hire you?
A: Through WyzAnt or E-mail Steve!

Q: You Should Make FREE Instructional Videos!
A: We are! Check back in late 2015!

Q: What if I’m unhappy with the class?
A: If you’re not totally satisfied, the first class is free

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Our rates are very competitive, check on WyzAnt or E-mail inquiries directly